Organising your event experience

This is the engine room where invisible but hugely important work goes on culminating in the success of the venue based front line products and services.

All projects regardless of size require behind the scenes spadework whether stand/banner/print/vinyl production, fulfilment, USB downloads, system formatting, AV/IT hire and shipping. It is crucial that all of these products and services are completed both accurately and that they meet often extremely tight delivery/set up time frames.

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Shipping & Logistics

Provision of a comprehensive event fulfilment shipping and logistics services supporting clients both onsite and offsite and adhering to event exhibitor manual stipulations fulfilling, shipping and delivering operating onsite and collecting post event providing a positive event experience.

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Stand Build Design & Install

We have worked with many clients producing the ‘big ticket’ items for events. Design, build and installation of stands falls into this category.

The requests for one off stands are diminishing as organisations look for more modular and reusable stands with the flexibility to fit into multiple size ‘space only’ venue environments.

We work closely on projects that will fit the above criteria providing practical design and materials input while retaining projects within budgetery parameters and ensuring that production timescales are met.

In addition to production and installation of stands we provide (on a hire or sale basis) relevant flooring, lighting, furniture and AV for each event where the stand will be erected.

Post event we offer inter event stand maintenance storage.

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Storage & Fulfilment

Client storage revolves around the capability to monitor fast moving inventory as it travels to/from events. Our facility inventory management tracks these physical movements via our gmail & powerpoint management tools providing real time management.

Everything from a pen to a large stand are listed and tracked both outbound and inbound and the inventory tools updated accordingly.

The facility accepts direct shipments from printers and other suppliers circumventing any requirement on the part of clients to physically be involved in the shipping process.

In addition to client storage we offer fulfilment services for event shipping across the EMEA region and globally if required. Fulfilment for events covers everything from filling bags to downloads to USB sticks.

Our own AV/I.T. stock is also held at the facility in addition to all hire items and therefore all shipping is fulfilled in a single location and ships as a single consignment as opposed to event shipments arriving onsite at venues in multiple small shipments.

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Stand Productions, Setup & Graphic Productions

Banner & Pop-up Stands

We work with clients in the production of a range of smaller stands for events purposes. Working with print ready artwork we produce graphics for new stands or replacement graphics for existing stands. The stands and graphics are produced to a high standard on an expedited turnaround in order to meet event build deadlines. We offer to produce ship and set up stands as requested as per client support requirements.

Shell Scheme Environments

Shell scheme environments are becoming more prominent and to optimise the wall space offered we work with our clients in order to create the maximum impression from wall, tower, counter and cabinet graphics.

Modular Stands

We also work with clients in the manufacture of modular stands which will fit into shell scheme perimeters. These stands are manufactured with the ability to expand or contract to fit into varying shell scheme dimensions offering flexibility.

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Print Management

Partnering a print production organisation that understands requirements for both expedited turnarounds of production in tandem with a high standard of finished product. Operating with online print ready files where available in order to optimise production and delivery times both to stock and to venues.


Pictoral Inventory Catalogue

We have developed an inventory tool that offers clients the opportunity to view in real time exactly what their stockholding is at any given time. Each client is provided with a unique gmail account which lists everything within their ranges of giveaways, literature, stands etc.

This in turn interacts and ties into a pictorial catalogue of inventory allowing a view the full range of stockholding for booking/shipping/replenishment purposes. Each item within the inventory range is visible maximising the accuracy of booking out and shipping and minimising the possibility of errors being made.

Gmail Inventory Control System

Outstanding Outsourcing will provide clients with an updateable inventory control system that will offer an immediate amendment of inventory as it moves in and out of the stockholding facility. The new inventory will be added to the Gmail spreadsheet upon receipt at the facility, with all returnable hardware (banners etc) will be flagged to whichever event they are checked out to and un-flagged on their return to inventory.

Any redundant inventory will be removed from the spreadsheet as requested. The system will incorporate a dual track listing offering a view of both offline and general inventory.

The Gmail system will link with the powerpoint pictorial inventory catalogue for cross reference purposes.

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"Outstanding Outsourcing has proven to be an exceptional partner when it comes to supporting our EMEA event activities. From storage of collateral and merchandise through to delivery and collection from events, nothing is too much trouble for Dave and his team, they have never let us down!"

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