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The pandemic has forced Sales and Marketing functions to seek out and employ alternative methods of safe and effective communications. There has consequently been a mass migration from physical to virtual events. As a result, virtual events have been brought into sharp focus and are recognised as a powerful communications tool ongoing.

Physical events are unique, however there is wide acknowledgement that via technology that there are now a wide variety of platforms available and capable of supporting outstanding virtual events.

Our Virtual Events Partnership

As the pandemic took hold it was clear to us that there was a requirement for us as an organisation to react and adapt expediently to substantial market changes.We have found an answer by partnering with an organisation with profound background knowledge of and experience in the virtual marketplace EMEA wide.

We now have the additional bonus of having an experienced EU partner organisation based and operating from Mainland Europe and offering us continued and unfettered access to the EU marketplace post Brexit.

LEF Marketing & Events

LEF is a Dutch based organisation who have 25 years of virtual event experience. Through LEF we can offer our client base and our prospective client’s complete cost-effective virtual event solutions from concept through to follow up employing a variety of platform options.

  • Hybrid Events
  • Virtual Conferences & Expo
  • Podcasts
  • Virtual Round Tables
  • Webinars

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"The team at Outstanding Outsourcing are extremely helpful, reliable and are always on-hand to help figure out how to make things happen. No challenge is too great, whether that be figuring out international customs, through to the logistics of getting items from event to event in very tight timescales, they always have a solution!"

Emilie Euesden - Senior Field Marketing Manager WEUR, Rubrik

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