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One of the major results of the UK leaving the EU Customs Union has been the ability of organisations to recognise the need to operate dual inventory & shipping systems to alleviate forthcoming cross border UK/EU documentation & also the possible tariffs (Duties & Taxes) that also may apply.

Since August 2019 we have offered clients the option of lodging inventory, fulfilment, shipping and local production of Marketing materials at either facility our UK or European mainland facilities.

Clients benefit from cost savings involved in this localisation and this dual system can only become even more relevant and important with the end of free circulation of UK goods in the EU which commences in January 2021. To facilitate & support the system we offer inhouse development of both online PowerPoint & web shop sites. We offer both options on a single or dual basis.

PowerPoint Options

We offer a dual PowerPoint option which is extremely popular with our clients. This provides for online real time inventory status at both the UK and EU sites with fulfilment and shipping options only an email away. We additionally produce items locally which is cost effective and environmentally beneficial.


Webshop Options

We offer organisations this option mainly to cater for internal employee shopping or for external partner/channel use. As with the PowerPoints we develop the web shops inhouse from base allowing the shops to take on the company design and look and often mirroring organisation sister sites that are U.S. based.


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"Veeam has worked with Outstanding Outsourcing for approximately three years and we have found their provision of services to be excellent.

It is essential that we have both an expedient online and physical response to our requests. We receive this from Outstanding Outsourcing in addition to an easily navigable pictorial PowerPoint catalogue for backup"

Uliana Miropolskaia - Senior Events Specialist, Veeam

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